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Underbody applications in body shop

Learn more about our underbody applications in Body shop

Challenges in underbody applications:

The underbody is the main base structure for other vehicle modules such as chassis and engine. Structural parts have to be securely joined using a mix of materials and technologies.

Especially when mixing technologies in body in white, the right application type is mandatory for a healthy work enviroment e.g. when spot welding and adhesive dispensing is used. At Atlas Copco we have the technologies and competence to simplify the complexity of joining multi-material design.

Structural bonding

Bead application

Most car manufacturers usually choose standard beads for traditional underbody applications. This is a preferred solution to achieve secure and reliable joints with adhesive when doing structural bonding.

To achieve consistent beads and joints a combination of high repeatable accuracy and high productivity is needed – one that our product line SCA can offer.

Stitch bead application

Interrupted applications are very important, when working with multiple technologies. In the underbody spot welding or self-pierce riveting and adhesives are often used on the same part.

To reduce issues like toxic fumes and waste of material, most car manufacturers decide to use stitch beads on those parts. SCA product line offers meters that can do the fast switching, which is mandatory to achieve a perfect application.