Eco design Sustainable

When designing a product or solution, we consider its entire life cycle to reduce the environmental impact from relevant life cycle stages.
For Atlas Copco Industrial Technique this means focusing on: Energy efficiency, Material choices, Long product life, Design for Assembly, Serviceability, Reuse and Remanufacturing of components and Recyclability.

Within Atlas Copco Industrial Technique we work continuously with integrating environmental aspects in our product development to minimize the environmental impact from our products.
The environmental achievements are made available for customers through our Eco Design Achievements communication material. Here you can find an example of Eco Design arguments for a specific product.

Our Eco Design Focus Areas

Eco Design

“ Eco Design is not about just adhering to all legal requirements, that is of course a must. I’m convinced that in the future our customers will increase their demands on that our products are designed in a sustainable way. Eco Design is also a way for us to make sure that we contribute to a better world for our children ”

Lars Eklöf , President MVI Division

“ Eco Design is not just about minimizing our environmental impact, it’s about maximizing business benefits. When we design the products this way, we can be smarter about costs and the value we create for our customers. ”

Mala Chakraborti , Vice President Corporate Responsibility

“ I see Eco Design as a way to differentiate Atlas Copco and our products from our competitors by creating additional value through lower life cycle costs. ”

James McAllister , President GI Division