LSO32 Random Orbital Sander

Powerful Orbital Sander

The LSO32 Orbital Sander is made for best surface result in the shortest possible time before painting and coating. They offer high power output and good ergonomics in rigid, durable designs. Available in central suction version that gives a cleaner and dust free work environment. The tool is lubrication free and have silicone free components.


  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and control
  • Reduced contamination in the work environment
  • No contamination on the finished surface
  • Optimized process speed
  • Low vibration level


  • Two handle grip
  • Integrated dust extraction system – central suction
  • Lubrication and silicon free
  • Adjustable speed and power
  • Double counter-weight system
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LSO32 H070-3


  • Air consumption at free speed : 16 cfm
  • Air consumption at free speed : 7,5 l/s
  • EAC certified : Yes