Checklist for renting

6 aspects to take into consideration

When bringing in rented equipment, you want to make sure that it answers your needs. You want it to bring added value for the right budget.

19 Декември 2017

Rental can be complex as it is not a “One Size Fits All”

Checklist for renting - blog post
Each production site is different and each application can require different support. The price on your quote is usually the deciding factor on proceeding with the rental, but is that number the bottom line? Take enough time to talk about your specific requirements with your rental partner so he can prepare a realistic budget quote with the right equipment that will be an answer to your demands. How much compressed air, nitrogen or installed power? Should the compressed air be dry or contamination-free? How long will you need the temporary setup and how much space do you have available to install the equipment? Do you have enough resources to organize the set-up or do you need help? Prepare yourself, because only with an efficient solution, you will be able to focus on your core business.

6 aspects to take into consideration:


  • is the rented equipment in line with legal requirements and safety regulations?
  • Is your rental partner aware about safety procedures applicable to your industry?
  • Should your operators be informed about the temporary setup and is modification necessary to your safety procedures?

Talk to your rental partner for help to prepare the necessary documentation.

Machine footprint

What is the size of the machines and is there enough space for the set-up of the equipment?

Contact your rental company to plan the installation and if possible get a draft installation proposal.

Specific requirements & equipment specifications

  • Are you specific enough about the air quality that is required?
  • Does your process require oil-free air to guarantee the quality of the end-product and production safety?
  • Or is dry air needed?

Don’t forget to mention these specifications when submitting your needs towards the rental companies you are contacting.

Maintenance (Fuel filter services, oil changes, etc)

some preventive maintenance is mandatory for equipment to function properly, but:

  • Do you have the time and staff to follow this up?
  • Will you think about the maintenance on time?
  • Who will be responsible physically and financially?

Technical support

Imagine your equipment is not working properly? Do you have resources like staff, time allowance or knowledge about that specific machine or is your rental company available 24/7?

Both for planned and/or unplanned outages, the best resource to use from a provider will be their technicians who are extensively trained to help you.

Training on operations and features of the unit

Have you ever bought something and used it only to find out months later that the product has a feature or benefit you never knew about?

This is especially frustrating when renting a product because you have a certain amount of time for your project and you want to ensure full benefits are being utilized for maximum efficiency and performance.

Consider training on-site!

Each rental solution needs to be completely tailored for your needs. Sure, you can rent just a machine for a great price, but what else are you going to need in the process and how can your rental partner contribute most to your core business?

Seppe Van Beneden

Communications Professional at Atlas Copco Rental Europe

Checklist for renting

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