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Discover how error proofing increases productivity and reduces rework rates by more than 80%!

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Preventing, identifying or correcting assembly errors:
Find out how to improve your product quality with a zero-defect strategy

The advent of Industry 4.0 brings rapid changes and new challenges. With our Smart Connected Assembly concept combining software, hardware, smart tools and accessories you maintain process control in complex production systems, increase uptime in production critical operations and raise your product quality.

Reduced defects

Step-by-step visual operator guidance as well as part and tool verification to minimize defects,  rework and avoid damage parts or waste.

Improved productivity

Lower production costs and improved productivity. Align up to 10 stations including pre-station check and rework without server installation. Save time using our remote centralized configuration and service offering with full support from installation to long-term onsite service and 24/7 hotline

Digitalization and consolidated data collection

Traceability of all assembly actions and also missed tasks from all stations, parts and products

Learn more about our comprehensive software solution driving quality, process reliability, transparency and product safety: The Scalable Quality Solution 3

Central management of workstations

Organizes SQS3 functions of all workstations across the shopfloor from a single, easy configuration interface.

Tool Interlock

Enables and disables DC tools and wrenches via the controller. Use automatic program or job selection.

Visual operator guidance

Step-by-step visual operator guidance guarantees that everything is done right the first time, every single time.

Digital I/O capability

Enables easy connectivity of external I/O devices eliminating the need for a PLC.

Basic pick-to-light/pick-by-light

Visually guides operators in picking parts from bins based on digital I/O capability.

User access control

Prevents unauthorized system access enforcing user roles and privileges.

Part verification and documentation

Identifies parts by means of serial numbers or product IDs to ensure the correct parts are being used to build a product.

Product rework

Detection of errors in production process and automatic guidance through the repair process at dedicated rework stations.

Consolidated data collection

Traceability of all assembly actions (torque, parts, digital I/O, manual confirmation) and missed tasks from all stations and all products.
Easy and convenient access to collected data via web UI.

Reduction in defects – Smart Connected Assembly

Defects can be caused by a number of reasons anywhere in a production line and being able to quickly identify the root cause of a problem is crucial. To get to the bottom of a problem, a system perspective is needed. Smart Connected Assembly provides exactly that, learn more how this solution will help you!


Scalable Quality Solution 3 - the error proofing software

Process control and error prevention is essential in today’s complex assembly processes to assure highest product quality and minimize rework rate or line stop. With our error proofing software “Scalable Quality Solution 3” you guide workers visually step-by-step to guarantee right part, bolt, tool and process steps are done also collecting and analyzing your assembly data.