Be prepared for anything

The DKR 36R is tiny, but it handles anything from cracking rocks to chipping brickwork.

Never mind the lubrication

We take care of it for you. The DKR 36 has a built-in lubricator that lasts for a whole shift.

Quick tool change

The quick release helps you change between drilling and chipping in seconds.

More information

The quick-release chuck is a money saver. It helps you change between drilling and chipping operations and you can do more work in shorter time.
Lubrication is especially important to think about when you are drilling. With the DKR 36R you can concentrate on the task at hand. A built-in lubricator lasts a whole normal shift and helps keep the drill chipper and tools in shape.
There is almost always a use for it, and the weight helps you work in almost impossible positions. You can go overhead or under water. Divers especially like this model because they can do so much with it – anything from underwater drilling to chipping – thanks to low feed force.

Technical specifications

Technické podrobnosti

Typ kladiva


Verze kladiva



4,5 kg


375 mm

Spotřeba vzduchu

10 l/s

Frekvence úderů

2 820 blows/min

Úroveň vibrací ve 3 osách (ISO 28927-10)

20,2 m/s²

Garantovaná úroveň hlučnosti (2000/14/ES)

103 dB(A)

Úroveň akustického tlaku (ISO 11203)

88 Lp. dB(A)

Zajištění nástroje

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