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Skutečná řešení jako v reálných aplikacích

V inovačním centru Bratislava jsou pro vás připravena a sestavena skutečná řešení Atlas Copco, jako v reálných aplikacích. Můžete zde vidět příklady různých výrobních metod, které jsou v souladu kvalitativními požadavky automobilového a leteckého průmyslu a elektronických nebo bezpečnostních systémů. Naši odborníci vám rádi vysvětlí různé způsoby dosažení nejvyšší úrovně kvality a produktivity.

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Press station

Explore abilities of our press station equipped with 50 kN servopress spindle PST. Our Press spindle tool PST is built on the PowerMacs 4000 controller platform, that is used also for tightening. Servopress provides high accuracy and full control of force, position and speed of press fit in range from 0 – 100 kN. Bring your own parts and we can test and optimize press joints for your application.

Hybrid joining – Industrial assembly solutions station

Atlas Copco is more than just tools. We will present you the full spectrum of hybrid joining technologies such as adhesive dispensing, self-pierce riveting, flow drill fastening and real-time quality inspection systems in automated robot cells. Discover the possibilities of hybrid joining with all technologies in one place. 

SCA adhesive dispensing

Adhesive bonding and dispensing is a highly versatile joining technology for body shop, paint shop, powertrain and final assembly in the motor vehicle industry as well as in other industry sectors. From structural bonding, hem flange joining and sealing to sound dampening, insulating and thermal conduction – the SCA product line from Atlas Copco ensures precision and uptime, saving material and costs.

Henrob self-pierce riveting

Self-pierce riveting is a clean and cold joining method that leaves no welding spatter and prevents harmful fumes. Different materials and multiple payers can be joined, allowing high freedom in design. With the Henrob product line, Atlas Copco offers flexible, reliable joining with high quality repeatability and short cycle times.

K-Flow flow drill fastening

Flow drill fastening provides a reliable joint for multi-material design with one-sided access, yet enabling disassembly later on. With high durability and short cycle times, the solutions of Atlas Copco’s K-Flow product line ensure a reliable and repeatable manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance station

Experience the full Quality Assurance platform from Atlas Copco. Regardless if you focus on torque applications, checking tools and joints or on visual or other non-torque inspections, you can find them all at once place. 
We will show you the complex system of  

  • quality checks 

  • statistical analysis  

  • quality assurance process control 

that integrates seamlessly with production data to secure on-time and clear process flow of all QA activities throughout your manufacturing plant. 

Smart connected assembly line

PF6 platform

Flexible, innovative and easy to use unique assembly ecosystem. The PF6 platform is more than just controller. You will see multiple tools connected on the same controller, connecting all type of Atlas Copco tools. You can reduce inventory, select functionality which you really need and move your tool during rebalancing within minutes. PF6 is easy to use so don’t bother with difficult learning process of system and if you know how to use PF6000 controller, then you know also PF6 Flex and IxB. What else? Come and see by yourself! 

Fixtured/automated applications station

This work station combines a lot of Atlas Copco fixtured solutions.  

Fixtured nutrunners are giving unique speed capabilities for high-torque applications. They give possibility of setting up multi-spindle systems which can efficiently reduce cycle times and increase your quality during tightening process.  Thanks to new, miniaturized FLEX controller dedicated for automation and robotics, your integration time may decrease, and its ease of configuration will allow for faster extending of a system.  


Discover that also fixtured applications are movable. Thanks to suspension system, which is reacting the torque generated by a tool and also eliminates the impact to the operator, you can work with not only vertical axis but also move whole station on a rail systems.  System should be movable but from a ground? This is also possible. This example work station was integrated by Application Center Europe team, which is capable to deliver any dedicated, optimized and fully integrated project. 


You can check how our all devices and software are connected in accordance with our Smart Connected Assembly vision.  As a supplement of existing or future station setup, you can use ToolsTalks 2 for better line overview and simplified controller's management. 

In our Innovation Center Bratislava, you can see and try how we can support you and imitate your production environment with our Training Room software infrastructure.


Real time analytical tool to have your data under control. All the capability indices as a Cm, Cmk, Pp, Ppk, Cp, Cpk available all the time with only a few clicks. Discover all the benefits that ToolsNet can bring to your production and boost your productivity. Visit our Innovation Centre in Bratislava and learn about our software solutions! 

Screwfeeding station

Atlas copco screwfeeding system allows you to speed up cycle time and bring higher quality to your assembly. Even you consider manual tightening system or as a part of automatic station or assembly line, our screwfeeding fits for all applications in range of fastener thread from diameter 3 – 6 mm. In ICB you can get to know the comprehensive system of Atlas Copco tools and screwfeeding!!

Error proofing station

Explore our advanced industrial tightening solution we can provide such hardware and software extensions which support the error proofing assembly concept. With scalable extensions easy to choose the best option to filter out typical operator mistakes from simple stack light or socket up to full guided assembly station with 3D tool location system. Data collection and analysis help to identify hidden errors and notify You according Your setup. With our advance configurator software nothing hidden anymore. Program capable to store versions, monitor who modified configuration what was the modification and when. With our software solution we provide full traceability and transparency over production. 

Low reaction tools station

If you need traceability, wireless solutions and very perfect ergonomy, then Low Reaction Tools range is solution for you. 
Tensor TBP and Tensor SRB offers low reaction tightening with best ergonomy on market. Both ranges are fully wireless with variety of battery size, both have transducer with ensures that joint is properly tightened, and all results are stored in your database. Now even 150Nm can be performed with 1 hand without any reaction arm. If you would like to experience the difference – come to visit us. 

Bolting demo

Meet complete and dynamic range of bolting tools includes  

  • hydraulic bolt tensioners  

  • hydraulic torque wrenches 

  • pneumatic and electric transducerized nutrunners.  

We can also prepare the training based on your needs for bolting tools operators.  Come to visit our Innovation Center in Bratislava and experience our bolting solutions! 

Aerospace tools station

Come to see and try ergonomic drills, riveting systems, ADU advanced drilling units with modularity, screwdrivers and others. The complete range of newest assembly tools and solutions for Aerospace industry developed on ideas of Industry 4.0.   

Low Torque portfolio station

Car electronics, computers, smartphones, headlamps, appliance, medical devices, TV’s etc. These are just a few examples of products being assembled by low torque screwdrivers.

Try our MicroTorque 6000 platform for low torques and related error-proofing solutions for smaller screws. Be ready for transformation, improve your competitiveness and keep pace with industrial trends.