Lamelové motory LZL

Pneumatické motory s přímým pohonem a převodovým ústrojím se spirálovým ozubením nebo bez převodového ústrojí.


Atlas Copco direct driven vane air motor LZL range, black
LZL direct driven vane air motor
  • Robust design, comes in 5 power sizes with a few alternative versions to choose from such as IEC, NEMA or AC flange and Stainless Steel. All models are now delivered with lube free vanes and they are all ATEX certified.
Atlas Copco vane air motor LZL25 black
LZL with Helical Gear
  • The combination of the direct driven LZL mounted on a Helical Gear results in a vast variety of speed-torque versions. Choose the version that matches your application needs.