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Refrigerated air dryer FD (VSD)+

Compressed air dryer 1250-2400 l/s

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Improved energy efficiency

The FD (VSD)+ compressed air dryer saves energy from the first minute of operation due to a low pressure drop, high-efficiency components and an advanced control system. It reaches 1250-2400 l/s

Smart AIR solutions

Designed to work together with our class-leading range of air compressors and controllers, the refrigerated air dryer FD+ saves energy and protects your production

Pure compressed air

Refrigerated air dryer FD (VSD)+ exceeds the international standards for compressed air purity ISO 8573-1:2010. Class 4

Complete protection of your application

The FD (VSD) 1250+ -2400+ l/s refrigerant air dryer removes moisture from compressed air with a dew point as low as +3°C/+37°F.
The innovative design of the FD+ compressed air dryer makes superior energy savings happen: 

  • electronic regulation valves 
  • advanced control with the Elektronikon Mk5 
  • high-efficiency heat exchanger 
  • R410: environmentally-friendly refrigerant gas 
  • high-efficiency scroll refrigerant compressor 
  • zero loss condensate drains prevent waste of compressed air
  •  EC Cooling fans use less energy than other units 
  • water- and air-cooled versions available 
  • more options available

Up to 65% energy saving with the VSD technology

refrigerated dryer FD 1500 VSD +

Over 35% of the dryer’s lifecycle cost is taken up by the energy it consumes. To cut your energy costs,we offer FD (VSD)+ refrigerated compressed air dryers with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology. VSD leads to major energy savings, reducing the consumption of energy producing fuels and protecting the environment for future generations.
What is VSD Technology?

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Refrigerated air dryer FD (VSD)+

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