High pressure and flow pipeline project with high stakes

21. juni 2021

Flushing over 3,7 million cubic meters of air over a distance of 105 kilometers through a 36-inch diameter pipeline at 120barg in just a few days is a serious feat of engineering. Something, which can only be achieved thanks to meticulous preparation, agile thinking and pushing engineering boundaries.

3.7million cubic meters

The air flow needed for this project


Diameter pipeline


Lenght of the pipeline


Required air pressure

A unique pipeline commissioning project requiring unique equipment

TAP. Where, how, what.

High pressure air compressor and booster set-up for pressure testing natural gas pipeline

The central pipeline in the installation connected all units: from the feed air compressors, over the dryers to the high pressure boosters.

TAP – or the Trans Adriatic Pipeline – is now transporting Caspian natural gas to Europe. The pipeline crosses Northern Greece, Albania, and the Adriatic Sea before coming ashore in Southern Italy, where it connects to the Italian natural gas network. Today, with more than 2 billion cubic meters already flowing into the pipeline, TAP is proving to be a direct and cost-effective route to transport natural gas to the European mainland. 

While all on-site crews faced tight deadlines and even a global health crisis, work had to continue. Stringent health & safety regulations were put into place. Our team was in quarantine for two weeks before they were allowed on the job site, for example. It’s not only an awe-inspiring project from a technical and engineering perspective, but without our passionate colleagues going many extra miles, it wouldn’t even have been possible.

High pressure pipeline dewatering & low pressure pipeline drying

Running on diesel, powered by people

Our team and equipment met and exceeded the customer's expectations thanks to countless hours of testing long before we started the installation and the large setup was up and running on-site. All the calculations and simulations, by our project management team, lead to real-life benefits and increased effectiveness. 

Atlas Copco Rental had over 50 units and a team of 11 Atlas Copco Rental specialists on-site. Thanks to TIER 4 and Stage V compliant engines, we were able to cope with the noise levels limit for the surrounding area, increasing at the same time fuel efficiency and performance.

Thanks to the quality of the high-pressure outlet, air was continuously monitored and controlled from an external control panel. Safety and continuity go hand in hand. That's also why every unit was monitored from our control room, allowing our Team to act 24/7 if needed.

Complex specifications with a limited footprint

The lay-out of the equipment was crucial for the success of the project: both the speed to install, connect, operate and adjust the settings for the different phases; as the total footprint onsite.

Uninterrupted performance

Not only performance matters, but how we achieve that performance matters as well. Emissions reduction, safety, footprint, are just a few of the criteria our team had to take into account. Long before we even started installation in Italy, we went through a rigorous testing process in Belgium and we managed to be prepared for all possible scenarios, with our equipment up to the task.

Air quality specifications

Air Quality

Oil concentration at TACS discharge was not greater than 0.01ppm(w)

Atmospheric dew point

-50°C or lower for the dewatering phase and -40°C for the drying phase

Air temperature

Between +10°C and +50°C at TACS discharge

Air pressure and flow specifications

Minimum flow rate and pressure for the dewatering phase

35.000Sm³/h at 120 barg

Minimum flow rate and recommended pressure for drying phase

30.000Sm³/h at 35 barg

Pipeline commissioning with a specialized fleet

dedicated rental specialists spend 2 months onsite

A dedicated team remained onsite to support the full project.

The main compressor setup consists of 21 Y35 diesel-driven compressors. To reach 120barg, we used the B18 TT Booster. Customized Specialty Rental units with automatic fire extinguisher system and two additional 10ft containers to minimize noise levels. By using the 7 CD850 high pressure dryers, we achieved the required dewpoint. An added bonus of these units is that it’s modular and 1 CD dryer can cover the flow of three Y35’s compressors. Our Carbon Towers we were able to decrease oil concentration in the air, after being boosted by the B18 TT Boosters, to 0,01ppm. 

While all of this is impressive, what really impressed us was the on-site collaboration between all teams and the shared expertise and passion to complete the project, from single unit compressors to Multi-MW power solutions and expansive air setups like at TAP. Our people are with you every step of the way with the right long- or short-term solution to suit your utility requirements. We do what we do, because we are who we are.

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