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Industrial Tools & Solutions
Industrial Tools & Solutions
Industrial Tools & Solutions

Facilitating your medical device certification

We pre-certify our medical gas systems. That’s how we simplify your certification processes when installing our medical compressor set-ups.

Customer in front of MED+ dryer

Surpassing medical ISO standards

Our medical gas equipment meets all requirements in safety and operating criteria. We design our products not only to comply with ISO certification. You know you will not compromise on quality, reliability or performance, because we surpass the strictest medical standards and regulations:

Our PDp dry dust filters have been thoroughly tested and certified by an external laboratory, proving they can serve as bacterial filters.



ISO quality management system

Our quality management systems for designing, manufacturing, installing and testing medical devices meet the standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485.

Dedicated medical facilities for local legislation

With dedicated medical production facilities in three countries - Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States - we can meet differentiating local legislations.