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Diesel power generators QES range

The QES generators guarantee power. The corrosion treated, water-proof canopy, along with the ability to work at high and low ambient temperatures gives complete peace of mind.

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Discover our QES diesel power generators

Do you know our QES generators come fully tested?

The QES range of generators (from 9 to 500 kVA) guarantees power. The corrosion-treated, water-proof canopy, along with the ability to work at extreme ambient temperatures gives complete peace of mind. All QES diesel power generators come fully tested; ensuring corrosion resistance thanks to the galvanized steel canopy and the powder paint coating which undergoes a 720 hour spray test, together with the nitrogen cutting and double layer painting base frame which undergoes a 480 hour spray test. All diesel power generators of QES range are subjected to rain test and waterproofing treatment.


Get quick power to any electrical motor with diesel generators Atlas Copco


Customer testimonial: QES Diesel Power Generators provide us mobility, reliability and quality


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Specifically developed for construction and general rental industries

The QES range has been designed with the customer in mind. It´s easy to move, operate and service.

Mobile diesel generators from 9 to 500 kVA, providing multiple solutions

With the models from 250 kVA upwards, it is possible to connect and deploy multiple generators in a modular power plant format if paralleling, load sharing or power export is required.

Easy to use and straightforward to maintain

All models in the range require only 1-hour of maintenance every 500 operating hours and have large doors for easy access during servicing.

The QES range is easy to use and straightforward to maintain. It’s the practical, predictable power choice – even for the most demanding worksites. With all the options you could ever need and ready to operate in just a few seconds, this diesel power generator is ready to withstand whatever the elements.

On the other hand, with QES range of diesel power generators from 250kVA you can always choose the best solution: Multiple gensets synchronization controller (with the Qc 3012™) or AMF synchronization controller (with the Qc 3111™)

From construction sites, to industries, events, power plants, and even critical segments, the Atlas Copco generator portfolio can cover all your power needs.

Committed to innovation, our power generators are tested and engineered for a long life performance. In addition, we provide a dedicated service that assures you peace of mind.