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Industrial Tools & Solutions
Industrial Tools & Solutions

High Torque Arms

Safe, ergonomic production

Atlas Copco torque arms are labor-saving extensions of Atlas Copco tools that ensure accurate tightening and raise individual productivity in your plant. AX Articulated Arms are designed for user-friendly handling of tools in a variety of applications. These inspired constructions are the perfect way to lighten the load when performing repetitive tasks on lines or benches. The arms can be used to support single-spindle, multi-spindle or customized solutions for reach, payload capacity and handling forces, offering the best ergonomic and safe operator environment.


  • Extensive vertical travel
  • Low-friction cylinders
  • Left and right arm configurations
  • Position Recognition System – PRS adaptable
  • Range of standard tool holders and accessories


  • Robust construction for long life and no force transferred to operator
  • Smooth movement and low handling forces
  • Designed to comply with ISO 14238 safety standards
  • Simple assembly with low maintenance requirements
  • Minimizes reaction force to prevent hand-arm-shoulder disorders
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