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Welcome to "Smart Connected Assembly - Powered by data" roadshow

Smart Connected Assembly is Atlas Copco’s response to the fourth industrial revolution. And this year, we bring it to a higher level which will show you how to generate values from data in each phases of the manufacturing processes.

Atlas Copco taking its vision of smart factory to a higher level!

The Smart Connected Assembly European Roadshow in 2017-18 was a success and contained 200 events welcoming 7,000 visitors for 47 weeks. This year Atlas Copco is on the road again with the updated concept - “Smart Connected Assembly - Powered by data” Roadshow 2019.

Smart Connected Assembly is Atlas Copco’s vision of Industry 4.0, the digitalization of production and assembly. We continue our story by taking our concept to a higher level we call “powered by data”.

Let us show you how we can create value with data in each phases of your manufacturing processes!

Industry 4.0 - 6 pillars of value

Atlas Copco offers a wide range of industrial products and services that support the vision of Industry 4.0. Our products are connected, flexible and build on state of the art technology. We service our customers through a dedicated global network to provide a total solution for flexible productivity with the highest quality standards.

Smart Connected Assembly supports Industry 4.0 becoming reality. A reality where technology is easy to use and quickly delivers value. Read about the Atlas Copco 6 pillars of value in the categories below

Learn more about the six pillars of value - Smart Connected Assembly