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Looking for a screw compressor? Atlas Copco’s G range of screw air compressor are just the option for you. Ranging from 2kW up to 75kW, there is a screw compressor to suit your operational requirements.

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G Series screw compressors

The G Series is our robust and reliable fixed speed screw compressors, delivery the right amount of compressed air when you need it. Our G Series is the perfect choice for small to medium sized business and aim to deliver outstanding sustainability, reliability and performance. Our aim when designing our products is to provide the end-user with an air compressor that fits their needs and deliver the best total ownership cost, and our screw compressors are no different.

Robust Element and Motor

The element in our G series is the most commonly used element in its size. The V-belt in the 2kW to 22kW deliver 2-3% higher efficiencies compared to other types of belt driven systems. It mightn’t seem like a lot, but a 2-3% saving adds up quickly and that’s money in your pocket. For the large G Series 30kW to 75kW the gear driven drive train provides the owner with reliability and limited maintenance requirements.

Keep an eye on things with our remote monitoring

While the G series might be our entry level of screw compressors it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deliver the benefits you’d expect from an Atlas Copco air compressor product. The G screw compressors come with, state-of-the-art monitoring providing you with updates on service and warning indications and error detection. You can also update the controller to our advance Elektronikon graphic controller, for enhanced remote monitoring.

Air quality solutions built-in

No one wants corrosion to their compressed air network and with a G series screw compressor you get integrated dryers to help you prevent this. There is also optional filters for air quality up to class 1 (<0.01 ppm), in other words the G series of screw compressors are not only efficient and reliable, they also have the air quality options that you might require.
Easy installation – with the G series installation is made easy. They are designed with Atlas Copco’s plug-and-play philosophy, it can easily be transported using a forklift and installation is just that, plug-and-play.

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