18 kW VSD+ Screw Air Compressor

Our 50% more energy efficient VSD+ screw compressor

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18 kW VSD+ Screw Air Compressor

The GA 18 VSD+ is our energy efficient 18 kW screw air compressor that is on average 50% more energy efficient compared to traditional fixed speed compressors.

50% More efficient

Our GA VSD+ compressor are 50% energy efficient

This screw compressor’s unique vertical design has a smaller footprint compared to other screw compressors on the market, enabling you to use your valuable floor space for other things. The GA 18 VSD+ 18 kW compressor has 15% lower specific energy requirement compared to current traditional VSD models.

Reliable and Smart

This 18 kW VSD+ screw compressor is our reliable air compressor, extensively tested, and proven in the market place as a reliable and dependable source of compressed air. The GA 18 VSD+ 18 kW screw air compressor has fewer components promoting low maintenance and increases uptime. This unit is also smart in its design, from a small footprint to fewer parts and elegant and revolutionary design.

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With smart features like Elektronikon controller and SmartLink remote monitoring options, this 18 kW compressor is your energy efficient option for taking control over your compressed air. Call us today on 1800 023 469 for a free quote or to learn more.

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