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GZ-Series oil-free gas screw compressor

The Atlas Copco Gas and Process GZ series oil-free screw compressors are designed to support your processes along the LNG value chain. From small vessel LNG fuel supply to controlling tank pressure or gas delivery, ourtime-tested design offers you high availability and reliability in a compact, single-skid package. 

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Built for high efficiency

The Variable Speed Drive (VSD), coupled with inlet pressure control, maximizes flow and minimize required horsepower. By working less to do more, VSD consumes less power, while giving greater process control and requiring less maintenance

Low cost of ownership

Implementing gas screw technology and VSD drive, the GG-Series offers you tremendous savings in terms of energy and maintenance. Well-designed circuits, full accessibility and the capability for predictive maintenance also contribute to a low cost of ownership for your machinery

Oil-free operation for zero contamination

GZ compressors can handle tank pressure control, fuel supply or liquefaction duties without any risk of oil carryover or contamination.

Boosting your onboard productivity

Our broad range of available compressor technologies allows Atlas Copco Gas and Process the flexibility to provide the solutions that fit your needs. From standardized modular designs, to fully customized packages, we can design and supply the system that best meets your specific requirements. By designing both the air and inert gas systems in tandem, we can ensure the systems compliment each other in operation. Our service organizations are located around the globe. We are where you are and we are working to keep you moving.

LNG BOG compressors - the Atlas Copco difference

  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • High reliability
  • No oil contamination 
  • Easy operation
  • Small footprint
  • Specifically designed for marine environments

Technical product specifications GG-Series gas screw compressor

Product parameters

Πίεση λειτουργίας

0 bar(a) - 26 bar(a)

Ωφέλιμη παροχή

75 Nm³/h - 9 000 Nm³/h

Εγκατεστημένη ισχύς κινητήρα

0 kW

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