Cut operational cost with screw blower technology

National Cements Factory (NCF, Abu Dhabi), a leading manufacturer of Ordinary Portland cement in UAE is a subsidiary of Ittihad Group, a major industrial house in UAE.


In a cement factory, compressed air is an integral part of the operation. Compressed air is used as energy source to assist in movement of materials in the cement-making process or for powering tools that can withstand the dust, moisture and high temperatures of the process, or for plant and instrument air.

At NCF Abu Dhabi, compressed air is used for raw material transport and cement silo aeration. In the past, NCF were using lobe blowers supplied along with their cement machinery delivered at the time of inception. But with lobe blowers the process requirements and efficiency was not being met despite using two blowers together.

To overcome this, NCF engineering team approached Atlas Copco for a solution and after thorough review; Atlas Copco proposed the new generation screw blowers and that led NCF to implement an Atlas Copco ZS 30 screw blower into the application.

Reliable equipment for dusty environment


Atlas Copco ZS 30 screw blower at National Cements Factory

Cement factory has harsh working environments, which demands equipment robustness and 24x7 operations that demands exceptional reliability.

Screw blowers with their inherent design that includes direct drive through gearbox and an onboard oil cooling system ensure highest reliability and availability for the clients, especially in hot and humid conditions such as the Middle East.

Energy efficiency to reduce operation cost

The screw technology due to its internal compression and reduced drive/transmission losses delivers up to 30% lower energy bills to its customer compared to a conventional lobe blower.

“ Atlas Copco ZS 30 screw blower has been in service for the last 5 years since 2012 and I am very happy with the performance of the blower both in terms of reliability and efficiency. The screw blowers have generated overall savings in excess of 30% on the operational cost compared to the old lobe blowers. ”

Mr. Abraham , Maintenance Engineer of ADNCF

“ Atlas Copco ZS screw blowers are fast gaining acceptance within the cement industry in the region and for customers who have invested in the screw blowers in the last few years are now reaping the benefits in terms of energy savings and operational efficiency as has been the case with National Cement. ”

Khalid Shaikh , Regional Business Line Manager - Oil-free Air at Atlas Copco Services Middle East

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