Atlas Copco oil-free air compressors upgraded with Neos inverter


After the Neos inverter integration in the oil-injected GA screw compressors about five years ago, Atlas Copco expands the technology to the oil-free air Z compressors. The water and air cooled ZR/ZT 75-90 VSD range is now available with Neos inverter and allows a wider working range in two pressure variants: 8.6 bar and 10.4 bar, guaranteeing maximum uptime and productivity.

Designed in-house by Atlas Copco, Neos specifically adapted for our compressors. This in-house design allows for an improved control over the lifecycle of the application and guarantees the availability of spare parts and replacements. The in-house design bundles options and results in a more complete solution for the same price.

Neos is also designed for harshest conditions. It has an IP5X protection degree, a compact, robust aluminum enclosure protects it from dust and moisture, making it suitable to operate in any harsh conditions. Atlas Copco guarantees high protection and optimized cooling.