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Delivering high productivity and full commonality in your pressing operations. Fast, safe and accurate

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Full Commonality – One High End Solution

Our High-End solution for Gauging, Tightening and Pressing is one of a kind. It’s completely unique. Through commonality we reduce programming and verification costs, reduce cost of spare parts and service and offer one common platform for your operators. Thus also reducing time and cost for training

Stand Alone Controller

The Power MACS 4000 has a stand-alone design thanks to its’ thermal design. This means there is no need to mount the Power MACS 4000 into an electrical cabinet

Fast and accurate

PST is using the same powerful motor as the QST tightening spindle as well as the same servo in the Power MACS 4000 controller. With very accurate load cell readings and advanced monitoring and control parameters in the software, the PST press system can achieve controlled and very fast rundown speed. As well as very accurate pressing results