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Durable tools with high power and low weight


Atlas Copco GTG 25 - Why compromise when you can optimize

More efficient than a conventional vane grinder motor, the 2 stage turbine motor in the GTG25 provides an extremely high efficiency leading to great rate of material removal. When it comes to power, performance and operator comfort, the GTG25 is in a class of its own.



Ergonomic design

High power, low weight

Auto balancer

Reduces the vibrations by up to 50 %

Speed governor

To ensure optimum process speed at all times

Our industrial angle grinders

Our wide range of industrial angle grinders covers all your needs. They are available in many different sizes and models. All our angle grinders can be equipped with spot suction kits to reduce the health risk for operators exposed to potentially dangerous particles.

For cut-off and depressed center wheels, dia. 75-180 mm

These grinders are used for general purpose grinding and cutting off in applications with high demands on productivity and ergonomics.

LSV 19/28/39 grinders are ergonomically designed tools with high power-to-weight ratios. They can be used as one-handed industrial angle grinder. Low vibrations and low noise levels mean that you can work with them all day without strain.

All tools are fitted with a speed governor as standard to ensure optimum process speed at all times. LSV39 models also include a version with an Autobalancer.

Extreme productivity

Extreme productivity grinders are suitable for all rough and heavy grinding tasks.

Our GTG models are powered by a motor with the latest turbine technology which gives extremely high power-to-weight ratios compared to normal vane motors. This means that you can select a lighter, more compact tool without sacrificing the material removal rate. Compared to a vane motor, a turbine motor provides up to 40 percent more efficiency for the same specific job and at the same time reduces the total energy consumption.

LSV grinders have been optimized to get the highest power-to-weight ratio available for conventional vane motors. They are developed to be durable with low service requirements.

All the tools are fitted with a speed governor as standard to ensure optimum process speed at all times. Selected models offer an Autobalancer as standard that reduces unbalanced forces and, in turn, vibrations.

PRO series

PRO grinders are a popular choice for surface preparation in general industry. They are lightweight tools that deliver all the power you need, yet easy to handle. For additional comfort they are equipped with a rubber handle grip and adjustable wheel guard. All grinders except the G2408-series are equipped with a speed governor to ensure the grinding wheel operates at optimum speed.

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Every third car in the world was made with our tools.

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