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Fasten and loosen bolts within 320-8100Nm


Atlas Copco RTP New Pneumatic nutrunner

Watch how the Atlas Copco high torque pneumatic nutrunner RTP easily fastens and loosens bolts.



The tool is designed for flange-related and other bolting applications

Easy on the operator

The light weight of the RTP nutrunner will surprise you, yet its high speed motor has the power you need to tighten big bolts. A robust, lightweight reaction bar absorbs the torque. Noise and vibration levels are lower than in traditional impact wrenches.

Excellent accessibility, high accuracy

Among the smallest on the market, the RTP’s slim gearpack gives you effortless access to bolts in cramped spaces. Tightening accuracy and repeatability are high.

Flexible and safe

Plug & play! Simply connect the RTP to your airline and start work¬ing with it. The torque output of the RTP is adjusted with an Atlas Copco FRL air pressure unit, helping to prolong the lifetime and torque accuracy of the tool.


RTP (Rapid Torque Pneumatic) is a pneumatic nutrunner which fastens and loosens bolts within a torque range of 320-8100 Nm. The tool is designed for flange-related and other bolting applications in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Wind Energy segments. It will also be used in reman (remanufacturing), repair, maintenance and service applications in the Mining and Off-road segments.

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