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Scalers RRC

The RRC scaler is ideal for all material removal tasks in foundries, engineering workshops, shipyards and in the construction industry. The tool is highly dependable and efficient. Choose between two different models for heavy slag chipping and for instant trimming of concrete.

RRC13 is very effective and has a high removal rate in relation to its low weight. It has a well proven percussive mechanism and retainer.

RRC13B has a two-job capacity with its extra clean-blowing device. It has an improved back head; throttle valve and lever with really Heavy Duty performance for long service life. Clean blowing system with twice the previous blow capacity. Big blow button for easy operation and sturdy valve stem to resist rough handling.

Vibration controlled scaler

Scalers RVM

RVM07B is the obvious choice for task such as weld dressing light concrete trimming and for removal of paint and rust. It is vibration-damped with low-noise level.

Two-job capacity – RVM07B features a clean-blowing device which is very useful in order to keep the work piece clean from slagg and other particles from the process.

Needle scaler

Scalers RRC

The effective needle scaler, RRC13N, is based on the same fundamental design as the straight chipping hammers of type RRC13. It has a sturdy design and is easy to maintain. The needle scaler is used to remove welding slag, rust and paint from steel structures.

PRO series

Scalers Pro series

Atlas Copco proudly presents the PRO range of low vibration needle and chisel scalers. The incredibly low vibration levels of these tools enable operators to run them safely for long periods, without loss of efficiency. Choose an inline or pistol grip configuration according to your needs.

Industry leading vibration levels - The low vibration scalers reduce vibration-related injuries at the workplace. They allow operators to run a tool for extended periods without frequent breaks due to tool vibration. This adds up to significant cost savings for your production operation.

Lower vibration levels in the workplace contribute to operator safety and well-being. High vibration levels lead to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS ). For example this can lead to loss of sensation in the fingertips. Tool operators exposed to high vibration levels can experience long-term injuries that may ultimately prevent them from working.

The modular designs of tools in the PRO scaler range enable tool configuration to be changed according to the working conditions. Interchangeable tool modules enable an inline tool to be converted to a pistol grip version, or a needle scaler to be changed to a chisel output, simply and quickly. The result is that fewer tools are needed and there is greater flexibility in the workplace.

PRO low vibration scalers are ideal for the removal of coatings, corrosion, and weld slag. Comfortable to operate, these highly effective tools make light work of the most difficult surfaces. Needle/chisel scalers in the Atlas Copco range give you high performance with lower vibration levels. These ergonomically designed tools have low maintenance requirements and modular components for added flexibility.

Believe it or not…Atlas Copco’s P2540 gives you 260 minutes of trigger time before you reach maximum recommended exposure! With an average undamped pistol needle scaler, you will get just 15 minutes before you reach maximum exposure. (Calculation based on 3.4 m/s² for the P2540 and 14 m/s² for the average undamped tool. For further information see

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