Air Compressor Rental

We supply industrial air compressor solutions for all key sectors

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An Air Compressor For Every Need

Our fleet comes in different shapes and sizes to suit the demands of any users.

Oil-free Air

100% oil-free air for all critical applications, ISO-certified!

Eliminate the risk of air contamination in your end-product

Reduce the operating cost of compressed air in your business

Lower your maintenance costs

If you have a power supply at your disposal, then an electric compressor may be the best solution. Electric compressors are quieter, they require less maintenance and no fuel top-ups. Moreover, with an electric-drive compressor you have absolutely no exhaust, which benefits your production facility as well as the environment.

Oil-injected Air

For a reliable and cost-effective supply of high quality air, exactly tailored to your needs!

Air Supply Solutions for Our Core Industries

We match industry specific rental demands with the right equipment including all necessary accessories for your exact application.

Why Atlas Copco Rental?


By choosing Atlas Copco Rental, you can control your costs and make huge savings on costly storage, repairs and maintenance.


We’ll help you work out a contingency plan tailored specifically to your operating sites, ensuring downtime is minimised and your business can continue through any emergency.


You’ll have a dedicated support representative available to resolve any issue, day or night, 24/7.


Build an asset light and lean operation and make significant savings on storage and warehousing needs.


Get the right equipment when you need it, with a flexible and energy efficient approach to your future production plans.


Taking advantage of our premium rental solutions will free up your capital to invest in your core business.