HotStock: Cheap Shots! Hit us where it hurts.

Discounts ranging from 30% to 90% on parts and components from airends to rockdrills.

Preventive maintenance kits - in a workshop

We are clearing slow moving stock to make way for the parts that you need more often. We are updating the list, with new items and new hot prices, monthly: over $5 Million worth of stock is up to grabs.

Of course, all parts and components are genuine Atlas Copco parts, which means they are manufactured to the highest quality and are warranted to ensure the optimum operation of your Atlas Copco equipment.

Campaign special pricing and stock is available on a "First in, First Served" basis only. Once available stock is sold out, normal pricing methods will apply. New HOTSTOCK items will be added as other are sold out.

What parts are on the HOTSTOCK list?

The latest HotStock parts list is now available contact your nearest branch or contact us on or phone freecall 1300 366 880 to stay up to date! List changes every month!

How do I order HOTSTOCK?

Shoponline users can logon to shoponline and email your order to or call 1300 366 880 .

Not a member of Shoponline?

Simply contact us by email or call our 24/7 number 1300 366 880.

Discover the latest Atlas Copco solutions!

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