COP 4050MUX Sling Choke Lifting Aid: The Atlas Copco new solution for your SIMBA

Lifting a rock drill never been so safe!

The COP 4050MUX Sling Choke Lifting Aid has been exclusively designed for providing support and to prevent slipping of the soft sling mounted to the front head section of the rock drill.


To prevent unwanted movement of the front sling and reduce the risk of injury or equipment damage, a lifting aid has been developed so that this new method of lifting can be used.

New method tasks:

1. Remove the front sling.
2. Remove the lifting eye (if attached).
3. Bolt sling choke lifting aid, part number 9772035539, to front head of rock drill.
4. Choke wrap soft sling around front head and pass through sling choke lifting aid.
5. Lift the rock drill by slings attached to the front head and rear lifting eye.


For more details please download the product specifications here

  • Rock Drill Lifting Aid specification 1.1 MB, PDF

And/or download our campaign here

  • Rock Drill Lifting Aid Campaign 243.1 kB, PDF

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