Announcing The SmartROC D65 Mast Module: “Plug & Play”

The SMART decision today, for a ROC solid investment in your rig. Using one part number, one delivery, Atlas Copco customers gain up to 50% savings on included individual components and systems

The benefits of scheduled, preventative maintenance are well defined and known in the industry.

Atlas Copco presents a modularized option for our customers that represents a leap forward in traditional practice when conducting milestone maintenance on our surface drill rigs.

Reduced annualized running costs per hour in parts & labour, more up time and availability with increased mean time between failures owing to all new parts, is allowing our customers to see real cost improvements over individual component rebuilds and reactive maintenance costs.

Available across three levels, customers can select from a matrix of support options, tailored to suit today’s tight budgets, yet delivering quantifiable savings.



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