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Atlas Copco Compressors can provide a range of solutions for the Wine Industry. Australia has some of the best winemakers in the world and the wine industry as a whole is well respected around the world and the quality of Australian wines is well documented.

Use a nitrogen generator to gain a competitive edge

The French region of Burgundy is home to many a
famous wine. One of those is the Chablis: an
exceptional wine that owes its taste to the minerals
that characterize the soil on which the Chardonnay
grapes are grown. The Michel family is part of that tradition. They run a
25 hectare domain in the heart of the Chablis
region. They have been passing down their love for
winemaking for five generations. Today, the Domain Louis Michel et Fils produces
over one hundred and fifty thousand bottles per
year. To maintain this level of productivity and of
quality, they rely on their own craftsmanship and
knowledge and an Atlas Copco compressor and Nitrogen Generator

Wine Making

While winemaking is a skill to perfect and the quality and character of a good wine takes years of experience to achieve, the truth is that it is a very competitive industry. We can help you control your costs and provide you with access to technologies that can help you achieve an edge over your competitive world, which is winemaking. Winemakers rely heavily on compressed air and in particular, nitrogen, in the production of wine. Nitrogen is used to protect the wine from oxidation in the fermentation process as well as in the bottling process. Just as in the food manufacturing industry, nitrogen is used in the wine industry to protect the quality of the product and to prolong the shelf life.

Stop buying bottles of nitrogen

Majority of winemakers in Australia use bottled nitrogen for their production of wine. We can offer a reliant and cost effective way of producing your own nitrogen. Atlas Copco’s nitrogen generators are a cost effective way of producing your own high quality nitrogen onsite and sharply reduce your cost per cubic metre. Better still, they commonly have a payback of less than 2 years. Call us today on 1800 023 469 to learn more.

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