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Air Compressors for Sale

Our launched webshop includes a range of air compressors available for purchase

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Buy Air Compressors Through Our Online Shop

We have a range of air compressors available for purchase online. Buy your air compressor from our newly launched webshop. We have screw compressors, with or without an included dryer. The Cast Iron, Aluminum or Professional range of piston compressors are available online. The LFxD dental compressor series is available in 1.5hp and 2hp for purchase.

We have a range of screw compressors, piston compressors, dental compressors and air treatment solutions available for you to purchase through our recently launched webshop.

Buy one of our many piston compressors, and you will recieve a reliable and unique machine. The piston compressors available for purchase range from the Automan series to the Cast-Iron piston compressors. We also offer a high-performance range, which are available in an oil-injected or oil-free option. The unique design ensures that you recieve premium performance while maintaining the lowest possible running cost.

Our screw compressors available to buy through our webshop come in a range starting from 5.5 kW to 15kW. These screw compressors are perfect for a wide-range of applications. These efficient machines work hard to ensure that you recieve high performance, and are able to withstand high duty cycles. Purchase one of our state-of-the-art screw compressors today!

We can ensure that our dental compressors available to buy now are certified 100% oil-free. This gives you the peace of mind that there will be no risk of contamination to your patients or clinic. The LFxD dental compressors are available for purchase now on our webshop. If you are looking for a dental compressor that is highly reliable, gives you maximun productivity and ensures the safety of your patient than look no further.

Available for you to purchase online are quality air treatment solutions. The F series compressed air dryers removes humidity to keep your compressed air system in optimal shape. While our air filters are available in a pre or post filter option. Both are available for you to buy today!