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We have a range of air dryers designed to ensure your compressor is not compromised by water corrosion

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A Variety Of Compressed Air Dryer Options

Atlas Copco Compressors understand that a compressed air dryer can be essential part of running your compressor at maximum efficiency, while maintaining a lower total cost of ownership. We have a range of compressed air dryers suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries. They provide an energy-efficient way of removing water and moisture from compressed air.

FD1500 VSD plus AC Pack R front out

Removing Free Water in Your Compressor

From time to time unseen water can get into your compressed air system. This can often result in corrosion, which leads to rust forming in your air compressor. A method often used to remove the water in an air compressor is a drying method. Get in touch with us today to discuss the right air dryer system for your compresssor.

The Most Common Drying Method: Refrigerant Dryers

Refrigerant dryers are commonly used as a way of dryers for cooling. We offer a range of refrigerant dryers that increase productivity, while reducing a lower total operational cost. The refrigerant air dryer is a reliable, and simple solution to protect your compressor from corrosion. Less downtime can be achieved when using this dryer, as minimum maintenance is required. With a compact design, and plug-and-play concept, the refrigerant dryer is an easy to install unit.

Range Of Desiccant Dryers for a Variety of Applications

Our range of desiccant dryers are available for a wide variety of applications and industries. The desiccant air dryer works as the desiccant medium absorbs wet air that passes through. A large capacity of moisture can be absorbed by the desiccant medium, before it must be dried out. There are three types of desiccant air dryers:

  • Heatless dryers

  • Blower purge dryers

  • Heat of compression

Energy-Efficient Rotary Drum Compressed Air Dryer

A rotary drum dryer provides an energy-efficient, and cost effective option of drying your air. These dryers are ideal for food & beverage, and pharmaceuticals processes, as they deliver oil-free air. Our Z type class 0 certified oil-free compressors and related dryers and filters, are certified under the food safety management system (ISO 22000). We have ensured that out range of compresses air products work together to provide you with a complete energy-efficient solution.

Reliable Membrane Compressed Air Dryer

The membrane air dryers are a reliable, and high energy solution for your system. With the membrane air dryer you can reduce the risk of corrosion, and avoid expensive downtime. Our membrane air dryers are designed to get rid of, or remove any oil particles or moisture in the compressor. Our SDR membrane dryers are specifically designed for tough railway conditions.

Atlas Copco Team with Expert Knowledge

Our team at Atlas Copco have expert knowledge in their field, and will be able to find the right compressed air drying solution for you. They will be more than happy to assist you in picking the right compressed air dryer based on your needs and applications.

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