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Our Dental Air Compressors Explained

A dental air compressor is a specially designed compressor aimed for a dental or medical practice. The most important tools used at a dental practice are powered by these dental air compressors. To prevent patients from acquiring harmful contaminations, the compressors are strictly regulated. This means that many dental clinics opt for a compressor that is oil-free.


Currently the industry standard for dental air compressors does not stipulate 100% oil-free air, but here at Atlas Copco we offer high quality certified Class-0 oil-free dental air compressors. This ensures that your practice receives the best possible compressed air, as we understand the focus on your patients. Our dental air solutions are designed to ensure you are provided with maximum reliability, and are a step above the industry standard.

Our range of dental air compressors include:

LFxD Dental Air Compressor

This small and compact dental air compressor is perfect for a small practice, or solo professional with one or two chairs. The plug and play feature ensures easy installation of the 100% oil-free compressed air in almost all places of your dental clinic. This quiet compressor provides a reliable solution for the needs of you and your patients.

SF-MED Dental Air Compressor

This space saving air compressor is designed for medical application, and is a low noise solution suitable for hospital environments. We understand that flexibility and energy efficiency is critical for many medical applications, so we have designed this air compressor with that in mind. In the occurrence that one element was to stop working, it will not result in a full unit shutdown. Reliability of this air compressor for your medical needs is ensured by combining controllers to monitor the system. These compressors have also been designed to meet the requirements of ISO7396 & HTM02-01

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