Cast Iron Piston Compressor

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Cast Iron Piston Air Compressor

Atlas Copco Automan – industrial+ series is our toughest piston compressors in the Automan series. Designed and developed in Italy, these belt driven reciprocating piston compressors are the perfect workhorse for your operations.

Cast Iron Piston Compressor

Cast Iron Compressor - Atlas Copco Automan AT

The Atlas Copco Automan AT cast iron piston compressor is the designed for application that are reliant on compressed air. This really is a reciprocating piston compressor suited for heavy duty usage and made tough to meet the demands of the Australian market.

Durable and lasting piston compressor

The Automan AT range is part of our Industrial+ series of reciprocating piston compressors. Low-revving and robust cast iron piston compressor this is a perfect air compressor for Australia, ready for any task. Delivering 11bar (160psi) this compressor is not only low-revving it also a cut above many other piston compressor on the market when it comes to pressure. Available in 5.5hp, 7.5hp and 10hp there is cast iron piston to suit your application.

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