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Petrol Piston Compressor

Looking for a petrol piston compressor? Look no further than the Atlas Copco Automan AC56E50. The Automan petrol piston compressor is your perfect air compressor, powerful and portable for maximum productivity.


Automan Petrol Piston Air Compressor

Finding the right petrol driven piston air compressor is key to get the job done when you are out and about without access to power, or perhaps without access to three phase power. The Automan AC56E50 could be just the petrol driven air compressor for you. It comes with a Honda engine (GX160) producing 5.5hp and has a 50L tank, making it both powerful and easy to transport and move about.

Powerful, portable and perfect to get the job done

This petrol driven air compressor has a piston displacement or 363 L/min (12.8 CFM) and the Free Air Delivery (FAD) is 205 L/min (7.2 CFM). Durable and powerful to get the job done, this Italian manufactured petrol air compressor is your perfect choice of machine when the portability is key and you don’t have access to an electrical outlet. Perfect to keep on the back of your ute and tradesman vehicle for when you need compressed air on the job.

Get your petrol piston compressor today

The Automan piston compressors including the handyman range, and the more heavy duty AT Series cast iron piston compressors, along with the petrol driven piston compressors are all sold through our authorised distributor network. To learn more about the Automan air compressors and to find your nearest piston re-seller outlet contact us on 1800 023 469 or complete the form above.

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