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Vacuum Pump from Atlas Copco

A Vacuum Pump like no other

Our plug-and-play GHSVSD+ vacuum pump is like no other. Providing energy savings of up to 50%.

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All-in-one Vacuum Pump

The GHSVSD+ is an all-in-one vacuum pump that delivers unrivalled energy efficiency with its built-in VSD+ drive. It is built to with Atlas Copco plug-and-play philosophy and it can reduce your energy consumption by as much a 50% compared to traditional vacuum pump installations. Contact us today to learn how you can replace all of your smaller old pumps with one GHSVSD+ vacuum pump, and save on energy.

How the GHSVSD+ Saves you energy

vacuum pump by Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco GHSVSD+ Vacuum Pump

A ground breaking vacuum pump

Our history might have begun with world leading air compressor products. However, years of development and our desire to provide sustainable productivity solutions to our customer have resulted in the GHSVSD+. The GHSVSD+ is like no other vacuum pump ever, it’s a highly efficient vacuum pump package with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) that uses Atlas Copco well-known plug-and-play system. With the GHSVSD+ we can now achieve average energy savings of 50% compared to traditional setups. Not only can our GHSVSD+ vacuum pump save you up to 50% its energy usage, it has significantly lower levels of noise and it commonly offers a payback period of 18 – 24 months.

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