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Vacuum pumps for medical suction

Our vacuum pumps are suitable for medical vacuum installations. With experience in vacuum pump development we understand the importance of having a reliable source of medical suction. Our vacuum pumps are well suited for medical suction installations, call us today on 1800 023 469 to discuss our different solutions for your medical vacuum needs.

Medical Vacuum

Medical Vacuum - GHSVSD+ from Atlas Copco

We has designed a vacuum system using tried and trusted Atlas Copco components to offer our medical facilities a plug and play package; “Vacuum in a box” as we like to say. The GHS VSD+ is a true variable speed drive vacuum package designed with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) first in mind.
Sure there are other pumps with variable speed drive, but this is simply a local control add on and the true benefits are lost due to pump limitations. A true VSD offers exceptional start up current limitation and thus infinite starts, precise pressure control and most importantly, a wide speed range or turndown. The GHS VSD+ varies its speed, flow and absorbed power between 100% (full capacity) to as little as 10% (minimum capacity). This offers true savings of over 50% when compared with traditional rotary vane pumps. In other words this is a unique vacuum pump for your medical vacuum installation.

Take control over you medical vacuum installation

Apart from energy savings, the GHS VSD+ series offers many other benefits similar to our compressors. We have the same user interface through the renowned Elektronikon controller, same service technician and extended service intervals, same BMS interface possibilities, lead lag and duty standby possibilities, which are all standard supply as part of the package. Buying a GHS VSD+ vacuum pump or any other vacuum pump from our range for your medical suction installation, means you will benefit from Atlas Copco compressors - wide service and support network.

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To see how your facility can benefit or to get your questions about medical vacuum answered call us today on 1800 023 469.

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