Chipping hammers

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Accessibility & ease of use


Vibration damped models

Well designed handle


Chipping hammers

Vibration damped

 Chipping hammer RRD 57-11

The RRD vibration controlled Chipping Hammer is ideal for all material removal tasks in:

  • Foundries
  • Engineering workshops
  • Shipyards 
  • Construction industry


  • Well-designed handle
  • Vibration damping

Available models:

  • RRF21/31 -  It has a sturdy D-handle in light metal alloy for a high power-to-weight ratio and steady grip.The compact, vibration-controlled design offers good accessibility and ease of use

  • RRD37/57 -  It is  light, quiet and have a long service life. It also has light alloy tool casings, are vibration damped with very low vibration values as a result and piped away exhaust.


Chipping hammer

The RRC Chipping Hammer is ideal for all material removal tasks in foundries, engineering workshops, shipyards and in the construction industry. The tool is highly dependable and efficient.

Their robust construction makes them highly dependable. RRC65 and RRC75 have a blow rate which makes them particularly suitable for roughening. RRC22-RRC75 are delivered with a chisel retainer as standard. For the same reason choose a tool that can be guided via the machine itself and not by holding the chisel.

Atlas Copco chipping hammers of series RRC are delivered with a standard, guided ISO hexagon nozzle (-01) or a round, non guided shank nozzle (-02).

PRO series

PRO P2536

PRO chipping hammers are powerful and durable. With a stroke range between 38 mm to 102 mm they are ideal for numerous chipping tasks in concrete, weld flux and demolition applications.

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