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Modular Power Stations

Maximize your uptime and efficiency with Atlas Copco’s temporary modular power stations.

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Powerful and fuel efficient

Optimized sizing for your power demands.

Fuel efficient

Low fuel consumption for a low cost per kWh.

Compact and quiet

Small footprint and quiet operation ease integration on your site.

Easy to transport

Container-sized robust construction that fits easily on a truck.

Easy to install

Plug-and-play connectivity simplifies installation. Quickly connect generators in parallel, and to other power accessories, for a flexible and reliable power plant.

Increased reliability

Paralleling power modules ensures reliability.

Full modular power supply

Creating a powerful multi-megawatt power plant with long autonomy in a short response and installation time.

Experience the ease of use and scalability of a full modular power supply. Unlike a semi-modular power supply unit (PSU) or a non-modular PSU, a full modular power supply can effortlessly adjust its power load to meet the changing needs of your site.

Atlas Copco’s full modular power supply is the result of connecting a group of Atlas Copco Power Modules with a transformer module, fuel module and control module.

Which applications would benefit from a full modular power supply?

Atlas Copco’s modular power supply is suitable for applications that run 24/7 and require more than 2MW of power.

It’s ideal for projects that have a significant wait until power is available from the grid, such as:

  • Mining 
  • Large construction projects 
  • Events

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