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Air Compressors for Cement Plants

We provide energy efficient compressed air solutions for every compressed air application in a cement plant. Our expertise in the sector, focus on service and our global presence has resulted in range of reliable compressed air solutions with a low total cost of ownership in the cement industry.

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Compressed air is an integral part of the cement industry

Used as an energy source to move the materials in the cement-making process and for powering tools that can withstand the harsh conditions of the process and even more. We offer a complete range blowers and compressors to fit all your applications, making sure you have the optimal solution for both your production process and business.

Maximize efficiency, minimize effort

To further enhance the efficiency of your cement-making process we offer multiple ways to monitor and control your units, minimizing energy consumption, monitoring running conditions and providing information on maintenance status. This, combined with our global service network, reduces potential downtime when maintenance is needed.

Oil-free air avoids contamination

Our oil-free air compressors make sure your production process will not slow down. Air contaminated with sand, water, oil or solids can cause malfunctions of pneumatic tools and machines or make your operation of valves and cylinders sluggish and inconsistent. Additionally, it can cause corrosion, blockages, increases maintenance costs and therefore increase the cost of ownership.

Cement Plant Applications

Pneumatic conveying

From dilute to dense materials, we offer the technologies that meet the pressure and flow demands of all your pneumatic conveying processes.

Bulker and train unloading

Opting for a stationary blower instead of a mounted compressor to unload fly ash from bulker to silo can reduce your unloading time by 25% increasing the effectivity of your cement blower for trucks.

Silo fluidization

When loosening, mixing and discharging bulk material, air is blown into a silo to set it into a liquid-like state, Class 0 oil-free air is needed to safeguard the quality of your cement silo aeration.

Combustion air

When heating up raw materials, combustion air (kiln) is used, the air supply needs to be constant to prevent the heat from dying out.

Cooling air

Accurate air supply doing the cooling process is crucial, as it is directly related to the thickness of the clinker bed. Control of air flow is key. Our products are available with Variable Speed Drive helping you adjust air supply and cut costs by decreasing energy consumption of the process.


Compressed air is used for vertical conveying systems such as an air lift or pump to transport materials to heights of more than 100 meters / 330 feet. A VSD system helps you save energy costs.

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