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Oil-free rotary claw blower DZS

Dry claw blower solutions between 0.5 and 2.3 bar(g) / 7 and 33 psig

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Reliable claw blower solutions

Our DZS is engineered for your peace of mind: we combined the best components with our patented cooling flow to provide you with a reliable rotary claw blower.

Quality air

Protect your process by choosing quality air. Class 0 certified oil-free and dry compressed air.

Installation flexibility

Connect our DZS to your process using just two simple pipe connections. Greatly reducing the complexity and cost of installation.

What is a rotary claw blower?

An oil-free rotary claw blower or dry claw blower is a reliable and simple solution that delivers low pressure air. It is used for applications such as fermentation, aeration, and pneumatic conveying in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and cement industry. The dry claw technology and the element of these blowers are also known from its negative pressure variant that is used in vacuum systems and applications: the dry claw vacuum pumps. 

The claw-shaped rotors with tight clearances ensure reliable and efficient compression. The smaller the clearances between the claw rotors and the rotor housing, the more efficient the blower is. The male rotary claw moves direct driven by the motor to ensure low power consumption. The female claw rotor is gear-driven; gear transmission is stable over time as gears are more precise and avoid misalignment between male and female claw.


The advantages of our DZS rotary claw blowers

With the flexibility to place them in both centralized and decentralized systems, our compact and reliable dry claw blower is the perfect fit for any production process requiring quality compressed air between 0.5 and 2.3 bar(g) / 7 and 33 psig. Our oil-free claw blowers are especially suited for use in small and deep fermentation tanks, cement or other silos, or water basins such as the ones found in commercial buildings (e.g. shopping malls and hotels) or in industrial companies with a low volume of to-be-treated wastewater.

High uptime of your process

Heat is the equipment’s biggest enemy. Our patented cooling flow ensures energy-efficient operation and a low failure rate over a long lifetime. Maintenance of our dry claw units is easy. The element is easily accessible, and, on average, an oil change is only required every 20,000 running hours. 

Easy to install

Our DZS dry claw blowers are ready to use as soon as it arrives thanks to the Plug & Play concept. We greatly reduced the costs and complexity of installation compared to other central systems designs: just two simple pipe connections are needed to get your blower connected to the production process. To further increase installation flexibility, we reduced its footprint to a minimum, helping you save space.

Oil-free & dry compressed air

We help you protect your process from any harmful pollutants. Air quality is important when the air comes into contact with your end product. Our rotary claw blowers are Class 0, delivering quality, oil-free air to your process. 


Technical specifications

Capacity FAD l/s

30 l/s - 95 l/s

Capacity FAD

110 m³/h - 340 m³/h

Working pressure

0,5 bar(e) - 2,3 bar(e)

Installed motor power

11 kW - 22 kW