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1630114600 : Roto Inject Fluid NDURANCE

Mineral based compressor oil specially formulated to protect your GA-GX rotary screw.

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High resistance against oxidation

Protects the compressor against oxidation, leading to a longer drain interval: up to 4 000h or 1 year

Perfect sealing and anti-wear properties

Constant oil film protects the rotors and bearings during operation, preventing metal-metal contact of critical parts.

Protection against corrosion

Ensures that lubricant will keep its original properties after separation from water.
It will also keep water out of the oil circuit, avoiding corrosion on the metal parts.

Roto Inject NDURANCE Oil Specifications

Air Compressor Oil - Roto Inject NDURANCE

Oil Type : Mineral based lubricant
Service intervals: 4 000 h or 1 year
Environment : Ambient temperature range from 0°C to +30°C
Equipment: Atlas Copco single stage oil injected screws
Compatibility: GA - GX compressors
5l : 1630 1146 00
20l : 1630 0918 00
209l : 1630 0919 00
1000l : 1630 1442 00

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