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1630204105 : Roto Synthetic Fluid ULTRA

RS Ultra is a combination of a premium synthetic base fluid with an enhanced additive package for GA - GX - GN - GR compressors

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Excellent resistance against oxidation

Longer drain intervals: up to 4 000 hours or 2 years even in demanding conditions.

Exceptional protection against deposit formation

A lower pressure drop through the oil separator reduces energy consumption.

High viscosity index

This means lubricating efficiency and screw/bearing protection is maintained under varying conditions.

Roto Synthetic ULTRA Oil Specifications

Roto Synthetic Fluid ULTRA

Oil Type : Engineered synthetic based lubricant
Service intervals: 4 000 h or 2 year
Environment : Ambient temperature range from 0°C to +40°C
Equipment: Atlas Copco oil injected screws
Compatibility: GA - GX - GN - GR compressors
5l : 1630 2041 05
20l : 1630 2041 20
209l : 1630 2041 29
1000l : 1630 2041 00

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