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Air compressor line filters

If your application relies on the cleanest compressed air, our line filters and filter cartridges will make that happen with optimal efficiency.

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Go for the highest air quality

Our innovative filtration solutions are engineered to cost effectively provide the best quality air and meet today's increasing quality demands.


Minimize pressure drops

Our filters reduce pressure drop by 40% and save on energy consumption

Long lifetime

Enjoy a longer lifespan by using genuine filters


Quality validated independently by TÜV

How can I keep my air quality at its best?

All our filter cartridges are factory-tested for performance and oil carry-over, and have the longest lifespan since they are genuine products. Their ISO-certified quality has been validated independently by TÜV. As the cartridges come from the same factory as the original ones, they will uphold your initial air purity after each service intervention.

What with compressor filter cartridges at a lower price?

Cheaper parts are typically made of inferior materials and have a shorter lifetime. Lesser filtration material will also decrease the filter’s efficiency, allowing particles to penetrate into the air net. Cores not made of stainless steel might corrode and collapse during operation.

How do non-genuine filter cartridges work?

Even if an alternative cartridge fits, it hasn’t been designed specifically for Atlas Copco line filters and will therefore not be a 100% match. This could cause a higher pressure drop and increased energy consumption. That could results in a higher total lifecycle cost of your compressed air system.

Choose quality compressor filters

Minimize pressure drops and maintain your air purity with the filter lifetime you expect. Use our genuine line filter cartridges.