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Tool to monitor and control machine fleet efficiently and conveniently.

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Three versions available

The new telematics FleetLink system is available in three versions: FleetLink, FleetLink Advanced and FleetLink Pro. All systems include the hardware with sim-card, webpage access and a 12-month data connection package, which can be extended after 1 year.


After setting-up a geo-fence, the system automatically notifies FleetLink users when a machine enters or leaves a predefined area. Thanks to the geo-fence function in FleetLink, FleetLink users can keep track of the whereabouts of their machines, even when not logged in to the webpage.

All machine information at a glance

All machines, together with important information such as position, fuel and Ad-blue levels, service status and map view, are listed on the dashboard. Thanks to the online portal and the FleetLink app, users can access this information from anywhere and at any time.

Customize the tool for your needs

The user-friendly webpage is easy to learn and the various filters and personal setting options for graphs and tables allow you to adapt the webpage to your individual requirements.

Service notifications

FleetLink offers the possibility of setting up maintenance schedules. This helps planning service efficiently, reacting pro-actively and avoiding costly breakdowns.

Remote diagnostics

Besides the maintenance function, FleetLink Advanced and Pro also feature the possibility of tracking failures and warnings remotely, keeping downtime to a minimum. FleetLink Advanced and Pro are fully integrated in the CAN-bus system of the paver, feeder or roller.

Atlas Copco Fleet Management solutions

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