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Starts anytime

With an electronic ignition, redesigned tank cap and choke, the Combi is simple to start in any weather condition

We take care

The HAPS system (Hand Arm Protection System) makes the Cobra™ unique. It lets you do heavy duty work more than two imes longer compared to other petrol driven breaker models

Start drilling

Move the function selector down for drilling. That engages rotation and air flushing.

Speed and impact

Add rotation to higher impact rate and less impact energy and you get an allround breaker with excellent drilling capacity.

On delivery

delivered in a strong plywood box including one drill steel, chisel, fuel can and a service bag with cleaning tools and service tools for daily maintenance.

Breaker doubles as a drill

Cobra™ Combi is a great breaker aimed at lighter materials. Impact rate is higher and impact energy is lower compared to its brothers. And when you combine high impact rate and lower impact energy with rotation, you get a very powerful drill. This multi-purpose machine can drill up to 30 cm per minute in solid granite and to depths of up to two metres, thanks to its built-in airflushing device.

Technical specifications

Technical details


25 kg


732 m


281 mm

Width across handles

585 mm

Impact energy

22-25 joules

Blow frequency

2 700 bpm

Drill depth

6 m
Vibration & sound
Available shank sizes
Part numbers