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TwinPower™ generator

Generator up to 1450 kVA

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Meet the TwinPower™ generator: double efficiency plus twice the power


More than 10% fuel saving

The electric VSD (Variable Speed Drive) motor-driven, cooling fan, adjusts the cooling flow to the specific requirements of the engine. It maybe sounds simple, but this engineering sets the TwinPower apart.

2 generators 1 Box

The QAC 1450 TwinPower™ is a 20-foot containerized generator with 2 x 725 kVA generators inside, making it perfect for applications that have variable power needs

24/7 Power Availability

The service requirement is less than 2 hours of maintenance for every 500 hours of operation. Due to the TwinPower™ concept, it is possible to still benefit from 50% of the unit’s total capacity during maintenance operations.

70% step load acceptance

It is able to accept more than 70% load step acceptance thanks to the two engine/alternator performance associated with the advanced control system (Qc4003). You can also be assured its performance is equal or better than conventional single engine generator running under normal load.

Centralized Control & Monitoring

To tackle even bigger jobs, the QAC 1450 TwinPower has two Qc4003 controllers, including touchscreen functionality, so you can easily parallel with other generators. You have the choice of island mode or PMS (Power Management System).

100% PRP at 50°C

Designed for excellent cooling of the engine/alternator, guaranteeing maximum power with no de-rating up to 50°C at an altitude of 1000 m.

Double the flexibility, twice the power

We understand your need for power, but do your power needs ever change? The QAC 1450 TwinPowerTM is a 20-foot containerized generator with 2 x 725kVA generators inside, making it perfect for applications that have variable power needs, whether that’s due to the time of day or the current usage requirements.

Because you get two generators – in one platform, you have the flexibility you need to run at 100% power load or even low power loads in the most efficient way. What’s more, every feature you need comes as standard on the QAC 1450 TwinPowerTM.

The TwinPower concept

Fully loaded, the QAC offers two engines in a single container, solving load issues and reducing fuel consumption. The TwinPowerTM concept also reduces fuel consumption with variable loads.

Service Efficiency

QAC 1450 TwinPower

Top view

The QAC 1450 TwinPower is designed for easy service. Large access doors and custom service tools make for effortless maintenance and assured uptime. The positioning of the engine and alternator is set on opposite sides. Enabling multiple access points to all the main components.

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