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Mobile Diesel Generators

QES range on-site generators, from 9 to 1250 kVA

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Stack up to 2 QES on-site generators up to 40kVA each


° celcius

Temperature resistance


2 hour service time every 500 hours running


To get stable power

15On-site generator models

From 9 to 500 kVA of reliable power for general applications across construction environments and general rental industries



Load step capability

Withstanding the elements

The corrosion treated, water-proof canopy, along with the ability to work at high and low ambient temperatures makes the QES towable generator range a great choice.

Do you always have the right sockets to connect your load?

From a single phase option when you need a lower power output, to a CEE 400V from 16 A till 125 A when you need to get the maximum.

On-site generators, ideal for paralleling, load sharing or power export

Units above 250kVA can be easily synchronized to get adapted to your needs

Specifically developed for construction and general rental industries

The QES range has been designed with the customer in mind. It is easy to move, operate and service.

Construction site generators from 9 to 500 kVA, providing multiple solutions

With the models from 250 kVA upwards, it is possible to connect and deploy multiple generators in a modular power plant format if paralleling, load sharing or power export is required.

Easy to use and straightforward to maintain

All models in the range require only 1-hour of maintenance every 500 operating hours and have large doors for easy access during servicing.

Standard features on the QES on-site generator

construction site generator power generator qes range

QES power generator range

Withstanding the elements
- Galvanized steel canopy and powder paint coating which undergoes a 720 hour spray test ensures corrosion resistance
- Nitrogen cutting and double layer painting base frame which undergoes a 480 hour spray test ensures corrosion resistance
- Waterproofing treatment

Transport efficiency
- Lifting frame structure to withstand up to four times the weight of the generator
- Heavy duty base frame for regular mobilization
- Ultra compact footprint to simplify truck loading and storage

standby generator qes 20

The QES 20 diesel power generator

Easy and quick Installation
- Plug and play cable connection
- Pass through cable path, natural bend and strain relief
- Plexi cover for terminal board protection

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