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Atlas Copco Kits are sets of spare parts for the most common repairs and maintenance operations, collected together in one box.

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Save time getting the right parts

Keep your maintenance budget low

Minimize downtime

When you acquire Atlas Copco equipment, you can count on outstanding and sustainable productivity. To make sure you maintain this level of productivity after service, it is vital to use machine parts designed and produced in the same way as the original ones.

Only genuine parts, with their rigorous quality assurance, can fully uphold the integrity of your equipment and guarantee high performance. Using genuine parts translates into high uptime and maximum productivity over a long time.

Predictive Maintenance Kit

Every excavator attachment is made of parts which are subject to wear in their operation. Wearing depends on a lot of variables, including the application, the material to work with or set up of the excavator. A worn part can affect your machine’s performance and may even trigger major breakdowns. Atlas Copco therefore recommends that you inspect your equipment regularly and that you keep strictly to the maintenance schedules, paying due attention to wear limits.

The Predictive Maintenance Kits consist of a predefined set of wear parts for the most common service operations, in line with the maintenance schedules of your excavator attachment.

Repair Kits

For the unlikely eventuality that a part fails or breaks, Atlas Copco created Repair & Overhaul Kits to facilitate part identification and minimize downtime.

Features:  Benefits:
  • The Service Kits supplied by Atlas Copco contain every item, down to the last seal. 
  • Save time getting the right parts. You can rely on one single source for all your spare parts
  • One single reference number speeds delivery. 
  • Easy-to-obtain Service Kits are readily available. 
  • All complex kits are shipped with clear and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Minimize downtime. If you carry out in-house servicing your mechanic does not need to waste precious time finding out how to install the parts correctly.
  • Using Service Kits allows you to plan maintenance in advance, and they are attractively priced, leading to lower total costs than individual items.
  • Keep your maintenance budget low. No unforeseen surprises will upset your budget. And when you take into account the time and money saved by not having to find, order and install separate spare parts, a Service Kit is definitely the most cost-effective maintenance solution.

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