Why you should consider to rent rather than to buy

9 reasons to rent for your air, nitrogen, steam or power needs

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9 reasons to rent

  1. Save money & improve your bottom line
    Renting provides significant financial advantages over buying. Moreover, renting is a service and in most countries you can deduct this from your tax statement.

  2. Regulate your inventory
    Do you need to own a compressor or do you need the air to drive your processes? We can help you build an asset light and lean operation.

  3. Get the right equipment when you need it
    Have a flexible and energy efficient approach to your future production plans.

  4. Receive 24/7 support
    Contact dedicated support representatives. They will resolve any issue, day or night.

  5. Save space
    Make significant savings in space and costs by eliminating the need for storage and warehousing.

  6. Reduce downtime
    If equipment breaks down, we will deal with it quickly and efficiently to keep your plant running with minimum interruptions.

  7. Avoid costly repairs & maintenance
    We take care of the maintenance, so you won’t need a repair shop, spare parts inventory or mechanics. Preventive and corrective maintenance is a part of our service.

  8. Control your costs & reduce administration
    Simplify your bidding and billing. We will send you a monthly invoice for our complete service. We also handle certification documents on request.

  9. Conserve your capital
    Use your capital to invest in your core business.

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