Water for All footprints in Greater China

Water for All had it’s first activity in Greater China in 2004.

Supported by Corporate Communications and the project coordinators, Holding Company coordinates all the projects in Greater China.
Now we are working with Humana People to People China, an organization affiliated to “The Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement”.
We select one project every year to ensure the money gets to where it is most needed.
We have some donators selected through lucky draw to visit the progress and results of each project.
Over 3,000 employees of Atlas Copco Greater China make the donation on a monthly basis.

Water for All

Project summary of Greater China

Project I: Longde County, Ningxia

USD 129,448
15,187 people, including 3,708 children

Project II: Xixiang County, Shaanxi

RMB 1,000,000
1,500 villagers, including 407 children

Project III: Jiaxian County, Shaanxi

USD 130,081
1,620 villagers, including 586 children

Project IV: Guangnan County, Yunnan

USD 127,384
1,586 peasants, including 586 children

Project V: Butuo County, Sichuan

RMB 653,573
1,049 people & 1,500 livestock
Other donations:
1.Provide vegetable seeds and chickens to improve the nutrition and health of local children.
2.Organize the donation of winter clothes within all the companies of Greater China.

Feedback from employee

“During the trip, I saw storage pools were built and the clean water to each household is now available, which has helped to solve the difficulty of villagers’ water storage; new public toilets were constructed from the scratch to improve the environment of local community; new school bathrooms were also built, so the children could take shower right after playing basketball; I also explored our fund was used for children nutrition improvement project such as providing vegetable cultivation and chicken raising.”

Weiqiang Chen, Guangzhou Linghein Compressor Co.,Ltd.

Feedback from local villager

“The clean running water has completely changed our life. Previously, we had to climb up and down the mountain for 2.5 hours every day to get clean water from the county. Now, with the running water, we have not only solved the drinking water issue, we can even get the washing machine this year. Thank you very much!”

Mrs. Zhang, a villager in Kuzhu Village, Xixiang County

Feedback from management

Francis Liekens

“Atlas Copco strives to be a responsible corporate citizen in every place where we operate. Water for All is a great example of our dedication and commitment to the environment, people and society. Thanks to the valuable contribution from all of our colleagues, I’m pleased to see our projects are helping tens of thousands of people in China. The access to safe and clean water may change the lives of many local people, especially those children. We will continue our efforts, by providing people in need with access to sufficient clean water and contributing to Chinese social development.”