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Reliable versatility

Energy efficient

Compact design

Fit for the harshest conditions

From -25°C up to 50°C, this air compressor is up to the task and ensures trouble-free operation

A compact solution

For the OAH 2 and OAV 4 models, the entire unit is build on 1 chassis framework, resulting in a compact design.

Optimize space thanks to installation flexibility

The ORV 10, ORX 10, ORV 12 and ORX 12 are provided as 2 separate units; the gas tank (oil separator) and main unit. This improves the installation flexibility.

The OEM solution for many applications

This OEM air compressor is suited for a wide variety of applications: manufacturers of drilling equipment, specialist equipment manufacturers, drilling equipment modification plants...

Technical data

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  • OEM china CN 1.2 MB, PDF